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Essential Hospitals These are the facesand stories behindour essential hospitals
Jacob Ho
NICU Survivor LAC+USC Medical Center

Jacob was born at 27 weeks and weighed less than a pound. He was one of the smallest babies ever born at LAC+USC Medical Center. Today, he is a healthy, happy child.

Caryn Seaton
Stroke Survivor Truman Medical Centers (TMC)

Caryn Seaton is part of TMC's "chameleon of people," she says. "You see every kind of person at TMC, from the well-insured to the street people. And everyone is treated like a queen."

David Pate, MD, JD
President and CEO St. Luke’s Health System

From the start, Pate knew he was passionate about helping people. “I felt then, and still feel now, that health care is where I can make the biggest impact in my community,” he says.

Richard Rhine
Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle Grady Health System

“Health care is a calling I think,” says Richard Rhine. “We’re providing care to the individuals who otherwise would not have access. It’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Akram Boutros, MD
President and CEO The MetroHealth System

"When I came to MetroHealth, I was struck by the extraordinary people who work here," Akram Boutros says. "But they felt like underdogs. Today, I think they’re proud."

Marlon White
Trauma Survivor Harris Health System

“God wasn’t ready for Marlon yet,” his dad says. Even after being dragged by a train 27 feet, losing a leg, and suffering traumatic brain injury, Marlon White has a lot more life to live.

Susan Ehrlich, MD, MPP
CEO Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Zuckerberg San Francisco General could not hold its unique position in the community without a team that is passionate about patient care and constant improvement, Ehrlich says.

Andre Yusuf
Executive Chef Truman Medical Centers (TMC)

“Hospital food is famously blah,” Andre Yusuf says. He is changing that notion at TMC in part by making everything fresh. “You have to think differently. It changes the whole dynamic of how you cook."

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Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s mission is to promote historic preservation statewide through advocacy, education, outreach and preservation servicesto communities and individuals. Our vision is that inspired citizens statewide will honor and protect their heritage, build a sustainable future with historic places and prioritize the past as legacy for generations to come. Welcome to our story and the work of our organization. !

2018 Endangered Places

Learn all about our Endangered Places Program and submit a nomination for 2019.

As a member of Colorado Preservation, Inc., you join us as an activist in preserving our state’s history. Your ongoingsupport will sustain our excellence in providing leadership, education, advocacy, and the funds to save Colorado’s diverse historic places, and to protect and preserve our cultural landscapes. Without your support of Colorado Preservation, Inc., more historic resources would be lost.

Featured +

Thanks for Joining Us!

We're so glad to have hosted yet another annual Saving Places Conference! This year's theme was "The Power of Place: From the Mountains to the Plains". We celebrated diversity and place in over 70 sessions, workshops, tours, and inspirational speakers.

Click here to learn more and to register.

Advocating for "Saves" State-wide

The Endangered Places Program is now accepting nominations for the 2019 sites. We welcome nominations from the mountains to the plains for threatened historic sites. Preserve your community history today with a nomination!

Click here to read all about the 2017 Endangered Sites.

Preservation Expert at Your Service

CPI’s Preservation Services Program works with non-profits, public and private agencies to promote and manage preservation projects statewide. We do this by providing technical guidance on best practices or "Standards", offering preservation tools and ideas, connections, and funding options/incentives.

Click here for more information.

Today, led by an energetic Board of Directors and small professional staff, our growth in outreach, programs, projects and membership is accelerating. Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s Saving Places Conference, with more than 700 participants annually, has grown to be the largest statewide gathering of preservationists in the nation. We invite you to get involved.

1420 Ogden Street Suite 104 Denver, CO 80218

phone: 303.893.4260 fax: 303.893.4333

Initiatives and Programs

Find CPI On

Program Partners

Copyright © 2018 Colorado Preservation, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

GitLab 11.0 integrates with Mattermost using Mattermost API v4. Mattermost API v4 is supported in Mattermost from 4.0 and up. So if you upgrade to GitLab 11.0, your external Mattermost installation will still work, provided it is version 4.0 or up.

Finally, none of this impacts you if you are using Mattermost bundled together in Omnibus. Audrey Gold Vermeil Necklace Agmes YiQD4Bsn

Removal date: June 16, 2018

June 16, 2018

Container Scanning was previously using sast:container for job name and gl-sast-container-report.json for the artifact name. While these old names are still maintained they have been deprecated with GitLab 11.0 and may be removed in the next major release. You are advised to update your current .gitlab-ci.yml configuration with the current convention .

Removal date: GitLab 12.0

GitLab 12.0

Code Quality was previously using codeclimate for job name and codeclimate.json for the artifact name. While these old names are still maintained they have been deprecated with GitLab 11.0 and may be removed in the next major release. You are advised to update your current .gitlab-ci.yml configuration with the current convention .

GitLab Runner can be configured to host a Prometheus exporter, that provides metrics about its internals. With GitLab Runner 11.0, the configuration setting that enables the exporter and defines listening address was renamed from metrics_server to listen_address . The old configuration option is deprecated and may be removed in the next major release.

In order to ensure successful upgrades to GitLab 11.0, the current version must be 10.8 or above. The GitLab 10.8 package includes additional checks for deprecated settings , and will abort the upgrade in the event any are found.

Previously it was possible to upgrade with settings that are no longer supported, causing the GitLab service to be unable to start.

You can upgrade to GitLab 11.0 from 10.8 or above without any downtime. See the documentation on downtimeless upgrades .

For this release, the upgrade process includes migrations and post-deploy migrations. When we upgraded our own instance, migrations took approximately 14 minutes and post-deploy migrations amounted to a total of around 12 minutes.

GitLab Geo users, please consult the documentation on upgrading Geo .

Raspberry Pi packages will be available starting with 11.0.2.


Please check out the changelog to see all the named changes:


If you are setting up a new GitLab installation please see the four buckle western belt Black BLow The Belt tZFpE


Check out our update page.

GitLab Subscription Plans

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⏰ Sidebar: What’s a “dunder” in Python?

I’ve you’ve heard some experienced Pythonistas talk about Python or watched a few conference talks you may have heard the term . If you’re wondering what that is, here’s your answer:

Double underscores are often referred to as “dunders” in the Python community. The reason is that double underscores appear quite often in Python code and to avoid fatiguing their jaw muscles Pythonistas often shorten “double underscore” to “dunder.”

For example, you’d pronounce as “dunder baz”. Likewise would be pronounced as “dunder init”, even though one might think it should be “dunder init dunder.” But that’s just yet another quirk in the naming convention.

It’s like a for Python developers 🙂

Perhaps surprisingly, name mangling is not applied if a name starts and ends with double underscores. Variables surrounded by a double underscore prefix and postfix are left unscathed by the Python interpeter:

However, names that have both leading and trailing double underscores are reserved for special use in the language. This rule covers things like __init__ for object constructors, or __call__ to make an object callable.

These dunder methods are often referred to as magic methods —but many people in the Python community, including myself, Goa 4 Goa 4 Womens Shoulder Bag Green Kaki 12x32x44 cm W x H x L Scooter 12x32x44 cm (W x H x L) Scooter 0zZsEHHtj

It’s best to stay away from using names that start and end with double underscores (“dunders”) in your own programs to avoid collisions with future changes to the Python language.

Per convention, a single standalone underscore is sometimes used as a name to indicate that a variable is temporary or insignificant.

For example, in the following loop we don’t need access to the running index and we can use “ _ ” to indicate that it is just a temporary value:

You can also use single underscores in unpacking expressions as a “don’t care” variable to ignore particular values. Again, this meaning is “per convention” only and there’s no special behavior triggered in the Python interpreter. The single underscore is simply a valid variable name that’s sometimes used for this purpose.

In the following code example I’m unpacking a car tuple into separate variables but I’m only interested in the values for color and mileage . However, in order for the unpacking expression to succeed I need to assign all values contained in the tuple to variables. That’s where “ _ ” is useful as a placeholder variable:

Besides its use as a temporary variable, “ _ ” is a special variable in most Python REPLs that represents the result of the last expression evaluated by the interpreter.

This is handy if you’re working in an interpreter session and you’d like to access the result of a previous calculation. Or if you’re constructing objects on the fly and want to interact with them without assigning them a name first: